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I did it again... [11 Sep 2005|01:55pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Usually, I am true to my word. To do what I said I would do. However, I have not kept this updated as I said I would. I actually hoped that I would.

Since my parents have no longer been reminding me about school, I have found it easier to talk to them about a career or even my attempt at looking for a job. While they are still not too fond of the idea of my working outside of the ramen shop, I at least convinced them to allow me to work somewhere else on the weekends, even if I still cannot seem to decide what type of career I would like to have.

I help out at a local florist on the weekends. It is actually a pretty nice job.

Other than the new job that I have, there really is not too much else to update on. Except that I am considering the idea of working more hours there.

I will have to think more on that - and how my parents will react.

Hug Puu-chan

I wanted to. [06 Jun 2005|11:55pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

I wanted to keep this updated - even if I am doing the same thing day in and day out. Or at least, the things that I am doing different are really not "worth" putting into this, I suppose. I was actually going to try to find a job outside of the ramen shop for myself, but my parents are currently insisting that I continue to help out there and no where else.

I suppose I understand. Not because they gave me a reason, because they did not, but because I can think of some.

All of - the people that had been trying to get me out even more are now off on vacation and most have all left the city. Some even the country. ...Some are not returning.

I suppose that is what happens when you "grow up".

I do not know if anyone will see this, but I guess now it shows that I am still "alive" for those who might have actually wondered and that I did not already speak to outside of livejournal.

Seeing how I really have nothing else to say, I should just go ahead and end this here.

Perhaps, I will have something interesting to say next time.

Hug Puu-chan

[02 Feb 2005|07:50pm]
[ mood | okay ]

I find it interesting, sometimes, that my friends are still trying to get me to go out a little more. It is still not something I am used to ...

I have been spending a lot of time at work with my parents or being convinced to go out with some of my old school friends. That is the main reason I have not been writing in this as I have been doing more or less the same thing - not very eventful or important to write about.

All of the decorations that had been put up for the holidays have been taken down and a lot of the tourists have already gone home. Or so it seems since we are not getting as many customers that were obviously not from around here. Luckily, though, most of the customers had all been very friendly and understanding during the times we were a little slower due to business. Now things are back to normal, though. Which is nice.

There is really nothing else to say at the moment, so I suppose it would be a good time to end this entry...

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Update Mostly On Livejournal Layout. [12 Aug 2004|11:08pm]
While some of my friends are away, and my parents not having me do anything in particular, I decided to try to mess around with my livejournal layout today. Added some color and effects and actually played with two pictures I had almost forgotten about.

And after all of that, it is still not completed ^_^ It was fun though. I am also tired... So, I do think I am going to try to go to sleep now. If I can, I will try to fix how the entry box appears. If not, it was fun to at least get it this far. This actually reminded me of how I (almost) miss school...

Speaking of which, it sounds like Hinageshi and Rinku might attend school after all ^_^ Although, neither of them sound like they really have the desire to do so. Hopefully they will give it a try ^^;

Good night.
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Nothing New... [31 Jul 2004|01:00am]
[ mood | okay ]

I recieved a postcard from one of my friends - they seem to be having a great time! Which is nice, they deserve it. They have had some trouble with their job and are finally having a much deserved vacation; it was nice that their family agreed and went on a family vacation to begin with.

Other than most of my old school friends going on trips of some sorts, nothing else has happened. Nothing new or worth mentioning, at least.

Hug Puu-chan

[17 Jul 2004|06:20am]
[ mood | tired ]

My friends, that have been getting me out of the house lately, are going on vacation. Mostly with their families. It is not that I do not appreciate them trying to get me out more, but it will be nice to either just stay at home or even visit with some of the people I have started (or completely) lost contact with.

It has been a tiring day, however. One of my friends left for their vacation today and I helped them pack some of their belongings. They were really excited about going. It seems they will be seeing a relative of theirs that they had not seen in quite a while.

I need to get some sleep so that I can help one of my other friends pack and see them off on their trip. Although, I think they leave the day after tomorrow.

I do need sleep though.

Hug Puu-chan

[25 Jun 2004|06:56am]
There is nothing important to update about, but I figure as long as I have this I might as well say something. Again, unfortunately, I did almost forget about it. I had some of my furniture in my room replaced and now it feels a lot more comfortable.

There is really nothing else to say, as of right now. I will try to find something important to talk about, rather than leave this journal completely useless. Until next time...
Hug Puu-chan

[11 Jun 2004|04:40am]
[ mood | content ]

A few of my friends, that I spent some time with not too long ago ago, decided that they wanted to go on a short trip. I let my parents know that I would not be around for a while and they informed me that it was okay as long as I kept in touch with them when I could. It was mostly for one of my friends; she wanted to visit her family that lives on the other side of Japan. Her family is really sweet, but not as traditional as I had originally assumed. Her family allowed us to stay a little longer than our original plan; I did not want to overstay my welcome, so we finally came back here. I had to take care of some chores and some errands for my parents when I came back; which was fine by me (it was not a lot, after all). They also spoke with me about if I was seeing anyone currently-- it surprised me. They had not brought something like that up in a long time. They dropped it after I told them that I was not "seeing anyone." It was very spontaneous of them to bring it up, and very akward on how they brought it up. I think I will spend the day at the Ramen shop and see how Jin is doing with all the customers.

Hug Puu-chan

[27 Apr 2004|11:39pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Lately things have been very quiet. It has been very nice, especially since my parents have stopped asking me if Jin could work more hours. They seem to appreciate his work more and more. However, I let them know that they will have to speak with him about it if they really want to.

I went out with a few of my old classmates yesterday. Had some fun, but nothing special to talk about. I am thinking about going out with them again tomorrow, maybe. I have to get some work done, first. I also have to remember not to keep abandoning this livejournal. Or at least find something to write in it. Might as well get some sleep if I plan on going out tomorrow.

Hug Puu-chan

Small Update [08 Apr 2004|08:55pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Jin has been doing very well at the shop. He has brought a very good attitude there and luckily did not actually "pull" any "April Fools Jokes" at the shop. Although, I did hear he and Rinku (was it?) had fun. It seems a lot of people wanted to participate in April Fools... I enjoyed watching some of the pranks pulled that day-- the ones I saw outside of the shop, that is. Most of the pranks were done when a few of the neighborhood children got out of school. ^^ It reminded me of some of the things people use to do when I was younger.
I wonder if Jin has been cooking a lot more at his own place or if he is starting to tire of being around food? ^^ I bet he is not tiring of it at all. He seems to enjoy it a lot.

Hug Puu-chan

[27 Mar 2004|05:00am]
Nothing really interesting has been happening lately, not over here at least. I know a lot has been going on with everyone else. Unfortunately, I do not know how I can be of anyone's help.
My parents seem to like Jin, mostly. They have had a few complaints on ... well the obvious, but most of the time they pass it by as nothing to worry about. The few that have complained, are only the ones that do not come by often or are often finding something unimportant to complain about. They did have to mention to Jin about not giving away free food, but other than that they seem to be quite pleased with him. He cooks things very well and as quickly as possible. Never letting the customers wait.
Which, I did have to remind him on the first day not to have any one waiting (at least not too long). Only about twice, though. He catches on very quickly. I have also caught him "levitating" a few times. But only when no one else was around. It is really not a big deal, so I did not say anything about it to him.
I feel so terrible about what happened is happening to Kurama. But, what I have to say has probably already been said or thought. No need to repeat it. I wish there was something I could do, but I know that I would not know how to talk to him or help him in this situation. I was also worried about Juri's disappearance, but she has come back...
I do hope everything is okay. I do worry too much and do not do anything about it...

I need to go do some cleaning up downstairs, so I better get to it now.
Hug Puu-chan

[18 Mar 2004|04:53am]
There seems to be nothing that I can do to help anyone at the moment, so I am keeping myself occupied at the shop and with my normal "chores." My parents are okay with Jin working at the shop, but I had to tell them that he might not be able to start as soon as the original plan was. They seemed hesitent at first, but eventually agreed.

Lately I have been trying to get my sleeping pattern back to normal. It has not been easy, but after a few nights of forcing myself to, I am starting to get back to my "normal" sleeping habbits. I stayed up far too many nights, lately, worrying. With good reason, of course.

Speaking of which, I should get to sleep now.

If there is anything that I can do to help, please do not hesitate to ask...
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[05 Mar 2004|11:27pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

I do hope that the guys can bring Kurama back... soon. After what he did for- our safety. I cannot help but worry about the situation. I am worried about Kurama and all of those that are going to go rescue him. I doubt that it will be easy, but I do not need to be talking about that now. I will just keep that to myself, for now.
On a good note; I did convince my parents to accept an application for the shop. I talked to them about it and although they did not like that Jin was not able to fill out all the required information, I got them to accept the application. I just need to find out exactly when he can start so that I can tell my parents. It was not easy coming up with reasons why Jin did not have everything filled out. Besides, I couldn't tell them the exact truth...
And yes, Jin, you will have to be wearing something on top of your head, like we talked about. It is required. ^_~ And, do not forget, no flying in the shop either. ^^

Hug Puu-chan

[01 Mar 2004|07:02am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

*private entry*

I should be over those recent events, but I am not. I was fortunate enough to not have any "hands on" with any of the... more unpleasent things that happened. Other than the initial, that is. From the many times I use to have to deal with Yuusuke, I was at least able to somewhat defend myself and try to help the others. But...
After I helped Yuusuke with his wounds, he talked very briefly about some of the events... not much. He did not want to get into some of it, and I let it go. As much as I wanted to find out more, I just let it go.
I do not like that Kurama is with him, at all. And I know that some are trying to think of a way to get him back, but I am obviously going to worry. I do not want something like that to happen again while they are trying to get him back.
I have been cleaning up, again, a lot to try to preoccupy myself, but there is only so much one can do.
It would be nice to have a "real girls night" or something to make up for that, but I am not sure if every one would be up for it.
And poor Hinegashi... I want to see if there is something I can do. I do need to go shopping for some groceries soon, though. Maybe I can see if I can pick something up for her. I need to see if I can help anyone out.

[26 Feb 2004|01:23am]
[ mood | tired ]

Luckily my parents did not ask why I was gone so long. I think when I told them I was going to see some friends they thought it must have been longer than a day thing. Or maybe they really have relaxed a bit more since the last time I was... absent for a while. They did mention that they wanted to talk with me, something about the shop, but I am not sure what. When I asked them they asked me to wait until tomorrow, after I slept. They had also commented about how "tired" I looked. I had to let them know that it was nothing. It was not the easiest thing, but lately what has been?
Yuusuke's wounds are healing well and from what I understand others are taking cares of theirs as well. Plus helping out. I need to see if there is anything that I can do to help.
I just read through the journals. Congradulations, Shizuru, on the new job. And Yukina, that is a very cute name for your kitten ^^;
I think I should get some sleep. I have too much on my mind right now. And I am not sure what my parents want. Hopefully it is nothing bad.

Hug Puu-chan

[22 Feb 2004|01:24am]
[ mood | blank ]

He's... he's not dead...
They are all alive... every single one of them.
Even after seeing it myself it is still so hard to believe.
Kurama, though, is with him. I do not know for how long or anything other than after Kurama and he went to the ring, they talked. And then finally ... the way he looked at Kurama sent chills down my spine. I cannot believe that Shizuru, Yukina and Botan were STUCK with him.
I think I am going to make sure that I have more time to spend with every one after... after all of this...
I... I am going to go see if I can go help with anything...

I still can not believe it... he is alive...
They are all alive...

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[20 Feb 2004|09:00pm]
[ mood | shocked ]


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No more death...please...no more! [20 Feb 2004|04:01am]
[ mood | worried ]

Hiei's... dead!! He... he showed him no mercy! It was so brutal. I haven't seen something that bloody sense...
He seemed to enjoy every moment of it! I wanted to look away so many times, but it was as if my eyes were locked to the ring. I even wanted to check on Yukina every once in a while... or anyone else. Anything other than see as he continued to ...
And... tomorrow... Kurama and Yuusuke have to fight! Each other! I don't WANT them to fight each other! I know... that they have to, but what if...
And whoever wins has to fight Karasu...
There's NO winner in this! Not when every one is...
Hiei helped Yuusuke... and now he's... gone.
That... thing could have done it quickly, if anything! But he allowed Hiei to ... there was so much blood... and Yukina...
And Yukina, Shizuru and Botan are with them and poor Yukina and Shizuru are with ... that THING!!
Kurama had to fight as well... fight against Jin... and now...Jin is dead as well... Jin and Touya both... Touya just... he looked like he just gave up to Yuusuke...
It's too much. It really is too much.

Hinageshi has been helping from what I've seen...
After I talked with Yuusuke yesterday, I've kept to myself mainly... I just wish there was something I could do! There were gifts that we.... that's when it all began... and now it just keeps getting worse...
I need to see if there's some way I can help...
I ... I think I should go see if I can talk with Yuusuke... anytime before the-- before tomorrow.
And Kurama... it ...
The only thing I can do is wish them luck... ... but... I can't...
I think... I should also check on Juri ...no... they need their sleep...
I shouldn't even be writing in this...not now, but I needed to say it some where...
Maybe I should let Yuusuke rest, before tomorrow...
No... I will go check on him, I need to...

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Rescued..... [19 Feb 2004|03:19am]
[ mood | worried ]

People are dead... friends of friends are dead... I... Shizuru is with him... I can barely type...I'm probably not making much sense... Yuusuke fought, so I was... "rescued"?... with people dying-- how is that res-- I'm borrowing someone's laptop... I need to go shower now... Yuusuke said he would... tell me what else is going on... This really isn't a dream... is it?

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[13 Feb 2004|09:47am]
[ mood | excited ]

It will definetely be nice and refreshing to see the girls tomorrow. It has been a while since the last time I have seen most of them and it will be nice to actually talk to some of them face to face again. Hopefully we can talk more about what is going on with every one outside of anything work-related. Also, being able to talk about things that we might want to be kept to ourselves...
Juri is being rather adorable, though. Shizuru will be helping Juri find something perfect for Valentines Day. I am not sure who else is going to be getting any one anything, but I am sure eventually I will find out.
After the "Saturday Hang Out With The Girls" I hope to not let myself be away from hanging out with them again for so long. It is really not good.
I will definetely need to remember to update this journal when I get home after being with everyone. I should get to sleep soon, though.

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